Rusty Tribute Page

Born in Raleigh back in 1992 and spending his early years in the hood of Raleigh on Edenton Street, Rusty was always known to be a special puppy. Always the first to meet you with a treat, whether it was a bowl for food or a stick, and the first to expect a ride in your truck or trailer.   Rusty always wanted you to feel like you were at home when you came to see him.  He spent the last nine years of his life being the self proclaimed La La’s dog. She was always be his favorite human. A good dog no matter what anyone says. He died doing what he did best....hunting wild game in the area. There will never be another quite like Rusty....he has touched a number of people, but all in diffirent ways.  We all will miss him especially Fatty.  Check back as we look to add more to Rusty’s Page

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