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Well, July to November what a stretch. Sure any loyal fans have moved on now and are not checking what is new.  Speaking of new a lot has happened in a a four month period. Summer is over, fall is here, school has started, soccer has come and gone, basketball is around the corner.  Spent a month (really just three weeks) in India. Where to start.  Soccer....well all I can say is that it was a growing season... I think that only one game was a victory might be two hard to remember now.  Scouts are back and going sort of.....still ok. There is a new puppy in Troutman his name is Lardy, very cute and kind of silly.  India very interesting time....busy while in country hard to adjust to EST upon return.  Try to get a couple pics out there for you inquiring eyes.  Greenhouse is now in the backyard....rather a challenge to get started but not to bad once you passed a certain point only thing is that there is nothing in it yet and it is already to small.  Tony fish passed the other week not sure when but we went to clean the pond and he had himself wedged in between a shelf, what a dork, Dawson gave him a proper burial in the Chester Memorial Garden.  Molly finally got sick and passed as she was getting old, not sure if that is mentioned below. Brown and family made the trip up from Texas for the Thanksgiving Holiday very nice to have them visit.  The baby is getting big and bossy.  Now there is a surprise, did you ever think that she would be bossy?


Last week of July, headed into August and then into school, what fun.  Started Basketball camp this week, Seems fun, good bit of hard work crammed into 2.5 hours a night. Three nights next week will round out the program, can not beat it they had a running coach form Davidson College come in and try to teach the boys how to run the right way. We will see what is in store for next week other than a bunch of hard work. Soccer sign-ups started last week as well another sure sign that school is on the way. the big surprise this year is that U-10 moves up to a much larger field. Been forcing pounds of squash, peppers, cucumbers and beans on everyone, the garden has started slowing down some now. Randall’s deer though has been eating whatever it likes, especially tomato vines and cantaloupes .....need to get something to catch the deer.  The baby fish are getting bigger always hungry just like the big ones.  Finally got the hammock back, the little brown bird babies got big enough to fly and the parents kicked them out of the nest, then the nest hit the yard, now we can put the hammock back in the trees and enjoy it some. I think that in the end there were three little birdies. Check the pics for of the little guys and the inside fish.


Getting really bad about finding time to let everyone know what is going on in the last few weeks.  Probably the largest event was finding baby fish in the pond, not one or two put a good number 10 or 20 would be more in the ballpark. Have lost a couple so we really do not know a true number that are swimming around but there is Lips, you can tell which one Lips is very easily, it is black with a set of white lips.  There is another larger one we call Jaws.... both of them love to eat some fish food. Still spending most of the time awake and away form work in some yard or garden somewhere. Did get the new flower bed created and underway.....still have to mulch around the plants, will get that done some day. A hummingbird came to visit the plant the Rusty gave Jules for here birthday. Have cut many a blade of grass and tilled under many weed. Dawson has begun a mowing career,  he has mowed at LaLa’s and at Momma Flo’s the last couple of times we have mowed.  Seems to like it, that is good, he is trying to get Jules to purchase him a zero turn mower, as incentive he offered to let her borrow it from time to time.  Sammy from down the street comes over to play about every day, Daws gives her rides in the go-kart from time to time, of course he does not drive nearly as fast as he does when it is just him. Been to Bw3 to watch the Sunday Night Pay-Per-View wrestling matches, is great fun, but you have to make entire evening of to get a good seat.